Mastering Joomla: How to Install Virtuemart on Your Joomla Website

Virtuemart is a free shopping cart application available for Joomla and Mambot. Virtuemart is an open source, e-commerce application that can be run either as a shopping cart or in catalog mode. Virtuemart is written in PHP format so it is fully compatible to curso de joomla 3.0.
Installing Virtuemart is not a complicated process and involves a simple and straightforward step-by-step process.

Step #1
First, you will need to download the Virtuemart package. The full package can be downloaded on After the package is saved to your hard drive, you can begin the installation process.

Step #2
You will first need to install the main Virtuemart component. On the Joomla administrator page, you need to click Installers and then the Components button on the drop-down menu. Click Browse and select the component file: com_Virtuemart.x.x.tar.gz.

Step #3
After you have selected the file, you need to then click Upload File and Install.

The core element is now installed to your Joomla server and now you have to install the module in order to be able to access the Virtuemart shopping cart.

Step #4
To install the Virtuemart module, you need to click the Installer button and then Modules.

Step #5
Click Browse to select the module file found in the installation package. The filename is: mod_Virtuemart.x.x.tar.gz. After you have selected the appropriate file, click Upload File and Install.

The Virtuemart component is now ready for use.

Step #6
Click Components. The Virtuemart option should now be available on the drop-down menu. Click Virtuemart. One the new screen, click Go directly to Store.

Step #7
The final installation step should now initialize. This step may take a while and it is very important that you do not interrupt this step.

Once the process is complete, the Virtuemart component should be fully accessible and you will be ready to start adding and selling products on your new e-commerce add-on.

Should you encounter any difficulties in the final installation step, you should consult the installation.pdf file found in the downloaded package for detailed instructions.

Now that you have successfully installed Virtuemart, you have access to an almost unlimited amount of features that can be used to run your online store. Virtuemart offers features such as an unlimited number of products and categories. You can also sell downloadable goods such as videos, mp3 files, and software. Virtuemart has an unlimited amount of capabilities and it serves as a more than proficient and reliable e-commerce application.