Choosing a Web Host

There are thousands of the best web hosting in canada companies out there, and deciding who deserves your business can be a tough task. What should you look for when choosing a web host, and how much should you expect to pay? First of all, make sure a potential web host is capable of accommodating all the things you may need it to, like wireless networking, e-commerce, forums, and interactive help pages.

A good web host will also offer useful statistics like reports on your traffic, and information on what people are searching for and how they get to your site. Establish just how much your site may expand, and make sure you web host is capable of handling this expansion. You need a high enough bandwidth that your customers will not be delayed when they’re surfing your site. If you suddenly find that your web host is not able to handle your needs, it can be a big problem to have to change web hosts.

The typical price you should expect to pay for web hosting is between $300 and $500 per year. That equals out to about $20-$50 a month. Avoid web hosting that is very cheap, or free, since it is unlikely that a company offering service this cheap will be reliable. These companies might seem like a bargain at first, but you will likely find that you run into major restrictions in your storage capacity and so on.

You should expect to get excellent customer support from your web host. Before you sign up with someone, ask them how long potential technical problems may take to solve. Don’t be afraid to test them by phoning in the middle of the night to see if you get the live technical support you paid for. Many web hosting companies offer a guarantee of 100% network uptime. Quiz potential web hosts to see if they have multi-homed networks for reliability. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of being online all the time. Downtime for your website can cost you big money, and can bring your work to a halt. Lastly, look into the financial stability of your web host. If their company goes out of business, your company runs out of service.